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Customers who viewed this item also viewed Nokia Asha phone specs information price. on S40Asha Operating System. It comes with 2MP camera and Dual SIM support is % correct. Please contact us [email protected] incase you find a mistake. Nokia Asha price, specs, NDTV's Rating, Nokia mobile phone review at The Nokia Asha is a dual SIM (GSM and GSM) smartphone that accepts.

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Cellphone Accessory Store. Zachnoel Experience Store. Original 3. A good Secondary Phone Is this review helpful? Average budget phone. Adv: Long battery life Nice sound Browsing and downloading speed is good Handy and good design Dis-adv: Touch sensitivity is low Mp4 video not supported Video recording quality is poor Lags sometimes. Three Stars. Nice phone! But little bit prbl with WhatsApp and other app Nokia Asha Thumbs down. Not up to the mark guys : Go for better options Not at all up to the xpectations. Itz the worst cell.

Touch response bad. Journal List Front Physiol v. Front Physiol. Published online Jun Jonathan M. Sullivan 4. John P. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Peake ua. This article was submitted to Exercise Physiology, a section of the journal Frontiers in Physiology.

Received Nov 13; Accepted May The use, distribution or reproduction in other forums is permitted, provided the original author s and the copyright owner are credited and that the original publication in this journal is cited, in accordance with accepted academic practice. No use, distribution or reproduction is permitted which does not comply with these terms.

This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract The commercial market for technologies to monitor and improve personal health and sports performance is ever expanding. Keywords: health, performance, stress, emotion, sleep, cognitive function, concussion. Introduction The number and availability of consumer technologies for evaluating physical and psychological health, training emotional awareness, monitoring sleep quality, and assessing cognitive function has increased dramatically in recent years.

Open in a separate window. Figure 1.

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Table 1 Devices for monitoring hydration status and metabolism. Sensors for detecting temperature and humidity. Heat index calculator. No No Not stated Nobo Inc. Useful for determining lactate thresholds non-invasively. Yes Yes No BSX Athletics Yes Wearable device PortaMon Measures oxy- deoxy- and total hemoglobin, blood volume and blood flow, as well as tissue saturation in muscle tissue using near infrared spectroscopy.

Bluetooth m or on-board data collection. Independent published research Yes Yes Artinis Medical Systems Yes Wearable device Moxy Uses near infrared spectroscopy to measure muscle oxygenation levels in muscle tissue. Lightweight 40 g and water resistant. On-board data collection and wireless data transmission. Independent published research No Yes Fortiori Design Yes Non-wearable device Breezing Device linked to mobile application to measure respiratory quotient in exhaled breath as a measure of the balance of carbohydrate and fat metabolism.

Measures and records history of energy expenditure.

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Table 2 Devices and garments for monitoring training loads, movement patterns, and injury risks. Can be used to determine activation of different types of muscle fibers, muscle fatigue, timing of muscle activation relative to movement. Derived metrics include activation power, activation volume, active power balance, fatigue index. Connected to mobile application. Measures biomechanical data including posture, physical activity, peak acceleration, impact on the body, jump height and flight time, explosiveness, peak force, GPS speed, distance and elevation.

No No Uncertain Medtronic Yes Wearable device KuaiFit Headphones that measure heart rate, speed, steps, distance, cycling cadence, swimming laps and strokes, calories.

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Audible training plans. Recognizes different exercise modes and quantifies the number of repetitions, exercise duration, form and consistency. Measures jump height, velocity, power, peak force, rate of force development, flight time, vertical displacement, number of steps, velocity, and number of barbell movements. Provides data on cadence, braking, bounce, pelvic rotation, pelvic drop.

Monitors heart rate, workout effort, provides real-time guidance to improve efficiency and avoid injuries. Connected to a mobile application that provides dashboard tracking and coaching. No No Uncertain Sensoria Yes Wearable and non-wearable devices VERT A range of devices for measuring vertical jump height, number of jumps, average height, jump rate, power, movement intensity, and asymmetry. Upper body garment measures heart rate Connected to mobile application. No Not stated Mad Apparel Inc. Yes Wearable device Mettis Trainer Biomechanical shoe insoles containing force and pressure sensors; measure cadence, distance travelled, gait, weight distribution of foot landing, heel-to-toe-strike, impact force, contact time.

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Provide real-time audio feedback. Record foot position, cadence, stride length. Data analytics and visualization tools for identifying areas of strength, opportunities for improvement and potential risks for injury. Tracking, notification and communication tools for personalized performance plans. Data driven training programs and rehabilitation protocols.

No Not stated Kinduct Yes Mobile application Metrifit Descriptive analytics and intelligent feedback for altering coaches and athletes and behavioral changes. Body and mind module mood state, sleep quality and duration, energy levels, health, muscle readiness, nutrition, stress. Session RPE module Injury tracker. Daily Traffic Light report for coaches on their athletes.

Team training load report. Acute:Chronic workload ratio. No Not stated Metrifit Yes Mobile application Athlete Monitoring Mobile application Recovery, risk and readiness monitoring soreness, stress, health, sleep. Pre-training wellness questionnaire sleep quality, stress, fatigue, heart rate variability. Record, import, store and track data. Customizable questionnaires. Injury tracking and health management Scat3 concussion assessment; mental health survey; eating disorder screening; depression screening; alcohol use; sleep apnoea.

Data import from wearable devices e. Alerts and dashboards are updated in real-time using individual planned and reported data.

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Evidence-based algorithms are used to detect issues. Psychological data; fatigue, motivation, stress. Physical data; muscle tightness and soreness. Nutrition; appetite, nutrition quality. Technology; phone use before bed. Readiness; general soreness, illness, recovery, productivity. Sleep; quality, quantity. Capacity for recording data on anthropometry, performance tests, injury, and rehabilitation. Direct connections with 3rd party products. No Not stated Fusion Sport Yes. Table 3 Devices and garments for monitoring cardiorespiratory functions.

Germanium, Hematite and Himalayan Salt plates to improve blood circulation, eliminate toxins, and purify cells. No No Not stated HELO Yes Smart watch E4 Wristband Contains a photoplethysmography sensor that records blood pulse volume from which heart rate and heart rate variability can be derived a 3-axis accelerometer for recording activity an electrodermal sensor to measure activity of the sympathetic nervous system to derive features related to stress, engagement, and excitement an infrared thermophile to record skin temperature. Connected to a mobile application and data stored in a cloud.

Training recommendations based on heart rate variability. Provides haptic signals to the user following extended periods of stress. Associated mobile application records various emotions to create a mood rating and provides cognitive behavioral therapy for emotional regulation. Measures physiological data including heart rate, breathing rate, heart rate variability, estimated body temperature, calories burned, blood pressure, arterial blood O 2 saturation.

Consciously monitoring and adjusting breathing rate improves heart rate variability, leading to greater resilience, better pain management, improved sense of wellbeing, enhanced ability to focus and think clearly. No No Self-calibration MyBrainSolution Garment Hexoskin Singlet garment containing an ECG sensor, a breathing sensor and an accelerometer; measures: heart rate, heart rate variability, breathing rate, tidal volume, minute ventilation, steps, cadence, estimated calories burned.

Team and individual athletes analysis packages. Table 4 Wearable devices and equipment for monitoring and promoting better sleep. Activity tracker to measure light, deep and rapid eye movement sleep. Measures heart rate. Activity tracker to total sleep time, time in bed. Miniaturized EEG sensors provide feedback on sleep through mobile application. Connects to mobile application. Three channels of frontal EEG. Pulse rate and optional ECG.

Monitors head movement and position. Provides data on total time and percentage sleep, rapid eye movement and slow wave sleep, sleep efficiency and average number of cortical, sympathetic and behavioral arousals. Recording device connects to computer to download data. Records periods of light sleep, deep sleep, rapid eye movement, arousals, sleep period time, total sleep time, sleep efficiency, latency to sleep persistency, wake after sleep onset and time spent out of bed. Two models Insight and Synergy available. Enable to simultaneously record oculomotor activity and ECG.

Bluetooth wireless connection to computer software for sleep staging and events. Mobile application tracks sleep and provides alarm to lift brain out of sleep before the user wakes up. Designed to be worn for 30 min in morning or afternoon. Used to re-train timing of sleep onset. Online calculator available for sleep schedules and adjustment to jet lag. Connected to mobile application to deliver blue light at the best time of day or night according to personal preferences and lifestyle e. Sleep and wake times programmed into mobile application and synched to mask.

Detects EEG signals and movement to find the lightest point of the user's natural sleep cycle during which to wake up. Active noise cancellation and white noise. No No Not stated Kokoon Not at present Non-wearable device Dreampad Specialized pillow connected to a mobile application with programmable songs designed to encourage relaxation and sleep. Music is relayed through the pillow. Slow steady breathing coupled with blue light is intended to promote onset of sleep.

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Programmable music to accompany time of waking. Sensors to detect ambient temperature, light intensity, and sound. Optional sleep sensor placed under mattress to monitor sleep duration, sleep cycle light, deep, rapid eye movement , time awake; wakes you up at best time of the sleep cycle.

Wireless measurement of heart rate, breathing, and body movement while sleeping. Integrated environmental sensors detect ambient temperature, humidity, light, and sound. Sleeping patterns calculate a model of the body's internal clock, signaling when your body will be at peak alertness, when you'll start feeling tired and when your body is ready to sleep. Model also predicts how much your internal clock is out of sync, and the impact on your alertness and sleep quality later in the day. No No Not stated Circadia No Non-wearable device Beddit3 Sleep Tracker Device with pressure, capacitive touch, humidity, and temperature sensors; placed under the mattress.

No wearable devices required. Projects soothing sounds to promote sleep onset. Connected to mobile application that provides data on different sleep cycles, sleep patterns and a smart alarm to wake the user during light sleep. Measures breathing and movement patterns. Technologies for monitoring psychological stress and evaluating cognitive function The nexus between physiological and psychological stress is attracting more and more interest.

Table 5 Wearable devices and mobile applications for monitoring psychological stress, brain activity, and cognitive function. Maps and displays patterns of activity in four areas of the brain. Also offers advanced option to analyse EEG maps. Records a range of emotions for anxiety, depression, head injury, stress, posttraumatic stress, and general well-being.

Tracks progress in customizable areas and displays results in an easy-understand graph. Measures up to 30 cognitive function skills, including mood, social, behavioral, fine motor and balance effects. Two platforms available to provide different levels of assessment. Requires training as an assessor. Includes a series of mini-tests that involves remembering key targets, tracking them among moving distractors and then identifying them. Intended to improve attention and executive function, increase brainwave and processing speed, inhibition and response control, increase biological motion perception, filter out distractions, make more tactical and accurate decisions and improve anticipation and response times.

Connected to a mobile application. Worn attached to a headband or a skullcap. Patented algorithm calculates center of gravity of the head and measures the force, location and direction of each head impact. Compares each impact to a pre-set Max G head impact threshold. Data uploaded via the cloud to a mobile application for monitoring by medical staff. Biofeedback provided to control breathing pattern to reduce brain activity and stimulate relaxation. Reduces stress and anxiety and improves resilience. Personal data record and training goals. Provides real-time feedback on brain activity and cognitive training activities to improve focus, decision-making, relaxation, attention and emotional control.

Uses near infrared spectroscopy to measure oxy-, deoxy- and total hemoglobin concentrations at capillary level. Capable of measuring tissue saturation index. Used for monitoring task specific cerebral oxygenation levels particularly during real world activities. Bluetooth m or on board data collection. Used for monitoring task specific cerebral oxygenation levels. Bluetooth m data collection; real-time data analysis.

Used for monitoring cerebral oxygenation levels during real-world activities including everyday physical activities and sports exercises. Bluetooth 30 m data collection; real-time data analysis. Fully synchronized with other physiological and behavioral measurements; integration with multiple NIRS devices within a single data stream.

Offline measurement data storage for over h of recording. Independent published research. Wireless real-time data streaming. Built-in 3D accelerometer. True active shielding for all channels. Battery operated with multiple channel configurations.

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Real time wireless 10 m or flash disk recording 16 GB. Nautilus Portable wireless 32 channel EEG. Active electrodes. Real time wireless 10 m. Independent published research No Yes G. Is also capable of applying transcranial direct stimulation. Application for understanding cognitive function. By listening to the sounds, the brain recognizes imbalances and recalibrates itself to create more balanced brainwaves. Intended to improve stress management, memory, self-awareness, mental flexibility, and quality of sleep.

Considerations and recommendations In a brief, yet thought-provoking commentary on mobile applications and wearable devices for monitoring sleep, Van den Bulck makes some salient observations and remarks that are applicable to all forms of consumer health technologies Van den Bulck,

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DPReview Digital Photography. Just pick buttons that are the same colour, and cut across in a line to match them up — under a strict time limit. Kara K15 Rs. Table 5 Wearable devices and mobile applications for monitoring psychological stress, brain activity, and cognitive function. However, polysomnography typically requires expensive equipment and technical expertise to set up, and is therefore not appropriate for regular use in a home environment.

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